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Brow Primer 10 ml


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Brow Primer

Brow Primer is a special fixer which works as a protector for all types of colors.  In this case you can achieve better retention. The strokes heal better – they are more thin and crispy. The shadow looks more pixelated. Moreover, the pigment doesn’t migrate under the skin.

How to use it?

After you finished the treatment, apply 1 drop on each eyebrow area where you performed the treatment. Leave it. The burning client feels is normal. First day the client should wipe eyebrows with damp cotton pad water every one hour. After each wiping client should apply the aftercare cream. Next few days we recommend clients to apply aftercare cream 3 times a day, no cleaning.

  • Pigment Fixing Agent – 10ml
  • Excellent for use in Microblading / PMU
  • Apply after the treatment for absorption.
  • Better retention.
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