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Semi Permanent Makeup Supplies UK


Semi Permanent Makeup Supplies UK

Sandra Opul provides permanent makeup training and sells semi permanent makeup supplies UK & other countries. Semi permanent makeup is a fantastic investment for clients that want to look their best all of the time.  They can forget daily make up application to brows, eyes and lips. If you use this type of make up, the colour remains and will not rub or wash off.

As a skilled technician, you will know that this makes it a super solution for both men and women who live active lives and want to save money by not having to purchase so much make up.  If they have lost eyebrows due to medical conditions or even chemotherapy, they can be restored naturally and easily.

Quality semi permanent makeup supplies UK

As a technician looking to purchase your own semi permanent make up supplies UK, it is important to realise that the essential pigments that are used in the process have to be high quality.  It is never a good idea to purchase really cheap supplies and clients will be put off by a practitioner who charges rock-bottom prices. The likelihood being that their make up supplies will not be top quality and will not last.

When the permanent make up process is carried out, and after the finished result has been agreed, the pigment will be expertly placed just below the skin.  You will need to allow plenty of time to carry out the application as this is a process that cannot be rushed. It has to be done precisely and in a skilled way.  Your clients will benefit from the fact that cosmetic tattooing or semi permanent permanent makeup lasts for several years and can be re-touched to keep the colour fresh.

Pigments for brows

Sandra’s Infinity brand of pigment is a great product as the pigment is heavily concentrated and easily absorbed by the skin.  It will not fade as much as other pigments and is often used for Microblading the brows.  The pigment comes in a choice of colours and prices can range from £14 for the 3ml product and up to £41 for the 10ml.

Available colours are blond, mahogany, caramel, espresso, brown, albast brown and the range even comes with a peach corrector which can be used to expertly correct mixes that are too grey/blue.

As a skilled technician you will match colours to suit skin tone and hair and will know exactly which pigments to put together in order to give clients a superb finish and a natural look. Other semi permanent make up supplies UK include microblading pens and needles.

Quality supplies provide superb results so always opt for the best you can afford when you are operating as a semi permanent makeup London technician.

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