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Semi Permanent Makeup London Prices


Semi Permanent Makeup London Prices

Like most things in life, if you want top quality, you get what you pay for and this is so true when it comes to semi-permanent makeup London prices.  Having your procedures carried out in London UK is always a good decision to make as UK clinics are regulated, insured and the staff qualified and highly trained.  Going overseas for permanent makeup may seem attractive due to the prices but you may end up with a less than beautiful result.

A skilled art

Permanent makeup is a very skilled art and so much depends upon the practitioner who carries out the process.  If you are going to opt for the cheapest semi-permanent makeup London prices that you can find, you may be horribly disappointed. The makeup is going to be applied to your face and is not removable, hence the word ‘permanent’.  Permanent makeup prices have to be at a certain level to ensure that the beautician has completed her full training and is fully insured.

Although permanent makeup does not last forever, it does last for many years and a good technician will make the treatment bespoke to suit only you and your face shape, bone structure and colouring.  Pigment is placed below the skin using a very fine needle, so you can think of the procedure as being similar to a tattoo but much more refined and not as painful.  Whether you choose to have your eyebrows defined, eyeliner applied, lips coloured or the lip line outlined, the end result should be natural and enhancing.

Permanent makeup eyebrows UK

Many of the technicians that apply permanent makeup have a creative talent as applying effects such as microblading to eyebrows takes a good deal of patience, skill and artistic talent.  A good technician will not apply your permanent make-up until she has assessed your features, discussed the type of result you want and carefully checked your skin tone and hair colour.  After having permanent make-up applied, no two clients will look the same and this is the whole idea of this bespoke treatment which should leave you looking and feeling fantastic, such as when you have a procedure to add permanent makeup eyebrows UK.

And it’s not just women who go for the permanent makeup procedure; men love it too.  You can look great without make-up and play sport or swim without having to worry about smeared eyes or colourless lips.  You can jump out of bed every morning ready to face the world!

Semi-Permanent makeup London prices

So what is the cost for semi-permanent eyebrows or a similar treatment?  Prices do vary according to where you are based and the expertise of the salon: it can be as cheap as £100 or as expensive as over £1000.  Either way, you must budget to spend several hundred pounds for each procedure, whether you are looking for semi permanent eyebrow tattoo London, eyeliner, or a lip blush or liner.  When it comes to these types of procedures, you really do get what you pay for such as the prestige of attending a top clinic and superb results via the best technicians.  However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the most expensive salon is the best; aim for a reputable salon with mid-range average prices and you should not be disappointed.

When you take into account the amount of time and expense it takes to apply make-up daily, you will soon realise that opting for the best semi-permanent makeup London is a wise investment. Check out Sandra Opul Facebook reviews and book your semi-permanent makeup London treatment with us.

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