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About Permanent Makeup London


About Permanent Makeup London

Sandra Opul, permanent makeup London based artist, is an experienced and well known makeup artist with special training on permanent makeup and you cannot be in better hands.

Permanent makeup also known as cosmetic coloring or micro pigmentation is a long lasting procedure that enables you improve and enhance your natural features without applying make up on a daily basis. This is achieved by creating a more defined eyebrow symmetry and fullness through a permanent eyeliner, through microblading or powdering them. It can also be done to improve the symmetry and fullness of your lips through a lip liner tattoo. Permanent makeup London based artist Sandra Opul can also restore alopecia eyebrows or trichotillomania eyebrows. These conditions may result in permanent hair loss and permanent makeup can recreate naturally looking eyebrows.

This non surgical procedure involves embedding non toxic, mineral based and non-allergic pigments into the skin that are a close shade to your natural look to create a natural look that lasts longer. The shades used may look intense immediately after application, but the intensity reduces during the healing process which may take up to 7 days. The skin around the area where semi permanent makeup took place also softens giving it an even more natural and realistic look.

Sandra Opul, a renowned permanent makeup London based artist, helps improve your look and also helps create an illusion of perfect eyebrows too.

The permanent makeup applied lasts for a long period between 1½ years to 3 years and the only thing one needs during this time is a yearly touch up to maintain both the shape and the colour of the pigment as the shade fades with time. It also helps balance facial features making you appear natural throughout.

For the best results, ensure your procedure is carried out by an experienced permanent makeup London artist.

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