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Permanent Makeup UK Training


The permanent makeup training in the Beauty industry is booming, because there are more and more people that find the benefits of permanent makeup unbelievably great. But for the best results people always go to the most experienced technicians. There are many permanent makeup UK based beauticians who people can find in their local area, but if it is always the best to go to somebody experienced and fully qualified, no matter how far people have to travel.

Unlike makeup that you apply daily, permanent makeup remains in place, hence it is not possible to remove it.  If you are in the market for having some permanent makeup applied, the UK is a great place to get it done. Here you will find many great professionals, who took top certified permanent makeup training courses in the UK, that are fully registered, insured and qualified.

Precise application is essential

Permanent makeup can be applied to eyebrows, eyes and lips with each application giving a bespoke look, designed to suit the client and look as natural as possible.  Because your facial features, skin, bone structure and colouring are all unique to you, it is essential that your beautician applies the permanent makeup precisely.  Because technicians in the UK have to have passed exams in order to practice, the UK really is a great choice if you want a look that flatters and looks beautiful.

When you opt to go for semi permanent makeup companies in London, your beautician will go through a full consultation process before proceeding.  At this point, you will be able to discuss the look that you are going for. This is very much a listening process as it is not until your semi permanent makeup expert understands what you need that she will be able to discuss shapes and colours with you.  Only when you are happy with the planned design will your treatment proceed.

Touch-up process

Semi permanent makeup involves pigment being inserted below the skin at an appropriate depth.  This is not a fast process so you should allow plenty of time for the process to be completed.  The colour will always look a little darker to begin with but will fade over the next few days. 

Approximately four to twelve weeks after your first treatment a second appointment is usually carried out to touch up the pigment colour.  This is because as the healing takes place, some parts of the colour will not show up as much as others.  This is totally normal and expected so you should not worry that you have to come back for a return visit.

Your permanent makeup will last a long time and will not wash off or come off when you play sport or swim.  Depending upon your skin and lifestyle, you may need to have the treatment carried out again after one year or more. By this time, you may find that your hair and skin colour have also changed as you age, so that is why even ‘permanent’ makeup is never meant to last forever. The essential thing is that you end up with a unique and natural looking makeup that enhances your looks rather than detracts from them. 

Or maybe you are interested in becoming a permanent makeup artist yourself? By attending permanent makeup training course in the UK, you are sure to receive a quality training which is certified and insured. Count on professionals and get in touch with Sandra Opul today.

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