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Microblading Eyebrows London Specialist Advice


Microblading eyebrows London specialist advice

Microblading eyebrows London based specialist advice.

1. I have done microblading eyebrows for my client, but no colour stayed at all. Why?

Technician pressure is too light.

2. Some Hairstrokes are grey and some are brown colour.

Inconsistent pressure. Grey means too deep.

3. Empty gaps through the middle of brow.

Need to do correct transition in the middle. Technician left gaps on the first treatment.

4. Shape and definition loss.

Technician didn’t secure the shape. Make sure you start the hair exactly from the line and flick on the top line.

5. Hairstrokes look blurred or cannot see Hairstrokes.

Too many hairstrokes done on 1st treatment. Too close to each other. Leave 1 mm gaps between strokes.

Technician has done too many double lines. Make sure you hit the same stroke.

Too much trauma done to skin. Skin doesn’t like trauma, if it’s too much work done on the skin then it will form a big scab therefore removing most of the pigmentation.

6. Sometimes the pigmentation doesn’t consistently stay on the skin because:

  • Skin itself is not consistent
  • External factors like sun/skin/medication/immune system, etc
  • Technician placing inconsistent pressure which are most likely caused by the beginners
  • Aftercare
  • Picking the scabs
  • Accidentally scratching the scabs
  • Oily/overdry/problematic skin
  • Cosmetic product’s used

7. Colour is consistent, but a little bit too light.

This is totally normal. Pigment healed under the skin therefore looks softer and lighter.

8. Hairstrokes are thicker than it was after the treatment.

That’s absolutely perfect! After the healing Hairstrokes will expand/go broader depending on the skin type. If skin is oily, Hairstrokes will expand more if skin is normal and healthy Hairstrokes will stay similar or broader after the healing.

9. I have done the layout and implanted pigment correctly and precisely why does the client still have gaps after the healing?

Could be inconsistent skin, picking the scabs or they accidentally scratched the scabs.

10. I have tried to cover old microblading eyebrows tattoo or Permanent Makeup but colour didn’t stay after the healing?

Microblading is not a good option when correcting old PMU or Tattoo work.
Tattoo ink molecules are bigger than PMU pigment, your new work will be pushed out after the healing process sooner or later.

Correction work needs to be done by shading/ombre techniques so it will be consistently covered. Old Tattoo ink molecules are stitting deep in dermis therefore any coverage will be temporarily. Laser removal is recommended.

When client comes back for the retouch

1. Do l redraw the shape?

If shape is kept well and defined then don’t redraw but if you can’t see the shape properly then redraw again

2. Client is happy with the colour and doesn’t want a darker colour.

Check if there is any gaps or inconsistent hairstrokes if so repeat them 1-2 passes.

3. Hairstrokes are consistent not fractured.

Then just fill in the gaps if there is any.

4. Hairstrokes are fractured not consistent.

Repeat all hairstrokes 1-2 passes with the same colour.

5. Client wants darker colour.

In that case either use the same colour or darker. Even after using the same colour microblading eyebrows will look darker after healing as it will have more layers of the pigment.

6. Do l repeat grey hairstrokes?


7. What do l do with an empty gap?

Fill in the gap by creating microblading eyebrows hairstrokes according to your layout 1-2 passes depends on the skin and your pressure.

Remember not to overwork the skin. The skin doesn’t like trauma. If it’s too much work done on the skin then it will form big scabs and will reject the colour. Less is more. Be gentle and precise. Too much of bleeding is not good for the skin and healed results – use lighter pressure.

If you feel you would benefit from a microblading eyebrows training session, attend one of my microblading training sessions.

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