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Microblading eyebrows course with Sandra Opul


Microblading eyebrows course with Sandra Opul

Microblading eyebrows course is the most popular training course at Sandra Opul Permanent Makeup studio. Microblading eyebrow treatments are becoming increasingly popular in the semi permanent makeup market for a variety of reasons. For some it is simply in the fact that they are so low maintenance, once healed you will rarely have to style and maintain your eyebrows as much, you can even go swimming without having to worry about them! You won’t have to waste endless time on your eyebrows each morning, which can be a nightmare for many people… we’ve all been there! Due to its popularity as a treatment there are so many benefits in undergoing Microblading eyebrows courses. So, what are they?

Top quality training

Simply put, you are guaranteed to receive the highest quality training. As one of the first Microblading technicians in the UK and also 1st place winner of the Signature Brows World Championships 2017, Sandra Opul is considered an elite permanent makeup artist who is highly respected within the semi-permanent makeup industry.  With thousands of new clients each year and years of experience in training other technicians, you can be assured that you will receive the best possible value for your money in undergoing Microblading eyebrows course with Sandra Opul.


Once you have completed your training you will receive a verified Certificate of Attendance as well as a full certificate detailing all of the assignments you have completed. This certification will verify you in future Microblading services.

Feedback and ongoing support

Sandra Opul Permanent Makeup trainers provides consistent feedback throughout the training course as well as an ongoing service which includes 4 months after support! So, you need not worry about going ahead with providing Microblading services on your own, if you do need any extra help and guidance, we are here to help!

Microblading kit worth £300 included

Interestingly, most of the reason why people do not take a Microblading eyebrows course is due to being unable to afford the correct equipment. With our Fundamental Microblading Training course, you will receive a full Microblading kit which includes tools and pigments and is worth £300! The kit includes pigments, disposable tool heads, pigment rings, brow rulers, manuals and much more! Not only will you save money by booking during our discount period (£2400 to £1900), you will receive all of your tools so that you can get started straight away. It’s a win, win!

Is our Fundamental Microblading Course for you?

Our course is designed for beginners who have absolutely no knowledge or experience in permanent make up. This course will take you through all of the knowledge and skills necessary to successfully perform Microblading eyebrows and continue to offer semi-permanent makeup service like no other. All of our courses are fully accredited and insured. The course will include a variety of topics and training like colour and pigmentation theory, the history of Japanese Microblading methods, disinfectants and antiseptics sanitation training as well as understanding the importance of a patch test and much more!

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