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A Guide To Micro Pigmentation


About Micro Pigmentation

Hair loss is a common problem that can really dent your self esteem. There are many reasons why this can occur, from Alopecia and chemotherapy treatment to aging. Whatever the cause it can be distressing and traumatic and really impact on your self confidence. Fortunately micro pigmentation can help transform how you look and feel about your hair.

 What is micro pigmentation?

Essentially, micro-pigmentation is a cosmetic tattoo that implants pigment under the skin to create super fine individual hair strokes that resemble natural hair. And the good news is that micro hair pigmentation is suitable for all skins types and men of any age, at any stage of hair loss.

 Why have a micro hair pigmentation treatment?

If your confidence has taken a knock due to hair loss and you’d like to regain the appearance of a full head of cropped hair or to restore your hairline, then hair pigmentation could be the perfect solution for you.

 Is it suitable for any type of hair loss?

Yes, hair micro pigmentation is the ideal solution for any type of hair loss. That includes complete or near baldness, receding hairlines, diffused hair loss, crown thinning and balding and even bald areas caused by Alopecia.

If you’re conscious about your receding hairline, then a hairline tattoo can achieve the look of a full front hairline and even a side or rear hairline. It can also recreate hairlines on partially bald and completely bald heads too. But not only that, hair pigmentation can camouflage crown thinning and balding, as well as the bald patches associated with Alopecia, which is why men often choose a scalp tattoo for hair loss.

Micropigmentation eyebrows 

Micro pigmentation is also popular for eyebrows. Due to its realistic and natural look many men opt for micropigmentation eyebrows as a way of achieving a well groomed look and to keep wayward eyebrows looking perfect.

Again, individual super fine hair strokes are created using a technique called microblading which implants pigment under the skin. The end result is natural looking, symmetrical eyebrows which frame and accentuate the eyes. They also open up the eye area to give the appearance of a more youthful look, which can’t be bad.

Whether you’re interested in micropigmentation eyebrows or a scalp tattoo for hair loss, a receding hairline or thinning hair, Sandra has perfected the microblading technique to deliver incredibly realistic results that will instil you with confidence.

Why not book a consultation with Sandra to discuss the options available?

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