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Hair Stroke Eyebrows


Looking for perfect hair stroke eyebrows?

Microblading artist Sandra Opul can help you achieve that most wanted hair stroke eyebrows look. No matter what the current fashion trend in the UK with regard to how your eyebrows should look, perfect hair stroke eyebrows make an amazing difference to your face.  Not only do they frame and define the eyes but they help to emphasise your expressions. Look at anyone’s face with imperfect or ill-defined eyebrows and you will see the difference; lovely brows should give a look of symmetry and balance to the face and really do complete your look.

But if you have badly plucked brows or they are too fair or just not a good shape, what can you do?  The microblading eyebrow (sometimes referred to as micropigmentation eyebrow) provides you with a semi-permanent brow that does not rub off or disappear when you remove your make up.

Perfect hair stroke eyebrows

The hair stroke eyebrow tattoo process can provide you with beautiful hair stroke eyebrows by adding colour that copies the look of each individual hair.  The finished product is very natural and lightly feathered so that when you look at your new brows close-up, you will see tiny individual very fine hair lines.  Most women prefer this to a solid fill as it does not look so heavy and looks good even without makeup.

At the end of the process, you will be the owner of natural looking permanent eyebrows that are perfectly symmetrical. Your eyebrows will be accurately placed and have the right colour to suit your complexion and hair. This is so easy to achieve in these days in the UK, get in touch with Sandra Opul and she will help you.

Why hair stroke eyebrows?

If you struggle to keep your brows looking good, then this is a superb technique that will restore your brows to their full glory.  Many clients choose this method if they have over-plucked, had chemotherapy or alopecia, suffer from scars or have brows that are not symmetrical.  If you lead an active lifestyle such as playing a lot of sport or swimming, you can forget about make up as your airbrush eyebrows semi permanent makeup will remain looking stunning whatever you do. So go for natural looking permanent eyebrows!

The hair stroke eyebrows UK treatment

Before your natural looking permanent eyebrows are restored, your semi permanent make up technician will look at the shape of your face and discuss colours with you.  Following your bone structure and your facial contours is essential as no two people have the same brows.  If your eyebrows are practically non-existent you need not worry as the position of your eyes and bone structure will dictate where they need to be.  Once you have agreed on the shape you like best, the colour will be finalised to tone in with your natural colouring and complexion.

If you are looking for ombre eyebrows or more of a penciled-in look, then the technique will take account of this, providing you with a lightly powdered impression.

Your semi-permanent eyebrows can last up to three years however yearly touch ups are recommended in order to keep the colour fresh and vibrant.

Natural looking permanent eyebrows really do make a wonderful difference to the way you appear and present yourself. It is always worthwhile taking the time to get your airbrush eyebrows semi permanent enhanced professionally and carefully by a qualified technician like Sandra Opul. Read reviews about her work on Sandra Opul Facebook page.

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