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How To Get The Perfect Eyebrow Shape


Learn how to get the perfect eyebrow shape

Very few of us are born with completely symmetrical faces, which is why the size, shape and position of our features can vary ever so slightly. And when it comes to our eyebrows, one may grow perfectly, arching at just the right point, whereas the other may be sparser and just not play ball regardless of how much tweezing and makeup we apply. So that’s why we go to professionals who can tell us how to get perfect the eyebrow shape.

So how do you get perfect eyebrow shape?

Well, semi permanent eyebrow makeup can ensure flawless brows that look effortlessly natural in the perfect shape to suit your face shape. Using a technique called microblading; Sandra can create beautiful, natural looking hair stroke eyebrows by implanting pigment under the skin. The result is perfectly symmetrical eyebrows that require very little maintenance, just an annual touch up to maintain the shape and depth of colour.

How do you know what shape semi permanent eyebrow makeup will suit your face?

During your consultation with Sandra, you’ll discuss the look you want to achieve and she’ll design permanent makeup eyebrows to suit your face in a colour that complements your skin tone.

But to give you a heads up on what shape semi permanent eyebrow makeup will suit your face the best, we’ve put together a simple step by step guide.

Step 1: identify your face shape

In order to determine the best shape eyebrow to suit your face, you need to take the shape of your face into consideration. Face shapes are generally oval, long, round, square, heart or diamond shaped.

Depending on your face shape, eyebrows can do many things from shorten and elongate the face, to balance and soften angular features and even add drama.

Step 2: determine which eyebrow shape suits your face shape

Choosing the right eyebrow shape can enhance your face shape by accentuating your eyes, opening up the eye area to give a more youthful appearance and even add definition to your cheekbones. So get perfect eyebrow shape by looking at your face shape first.

Oval face: if you have an oval face, opt for a soft angled eyebrow that starts at the bridge of the nose and goes up into a gentle curve, before dropping down to extend slightly beyond the outer corner of the eye.

Long face: choose more of a flat, horizontal eyebrow with an extended brow tail if you have a long face as it will help to shorten the face and balance your features.

Round face: round faces suit eyebrows with a pronounced vertical arch to add length to the face and to stop it looking so round. A soft angled eyebrow also works well with this face shape too.

Square face: both angular eyebrows and curved eyebrows work well with square faces. Opt for curved eyebrows to soften the jawline or choose angular brows to balance out the heaviness of the jaw.

Heart face: eyebrows with either a pronounced arch or a rounded, low arch will accentuate heart shaped faces and balance out a delicate jawline.

Diamond face: diamond faces suit both round and curved shaped eyebrows as they help to soften the angular shape of the face.

Step 3: book a semi ermanent eyebrow makeup treatment

Now that you know how to get perfect eyebrow shape, why not book an appointment with Sandra Opul? She’s well known for creating beautiful semi permanent eyebrow makeup in London. Sandra Opul will ensure that your brows are not only perfectly symmetrical, but also look flawless and completely natural too.

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