Chemotherapy Eyebrows


Chemotherapy eyebrows could be restored with permanent eyebrow makeup

As well as being very traumatic, chemotherapy treatment can also produce many unwanted side effects. One such side effect is hair loss. Semi permanent eyebrow makeup can restore sparse or missing chemotherapy eyebrows. It helps boost confidence and lift low self esteem.

What happens when creating semi permanent makeup eyebrows after chemotherapy?
Using a technique called microblading, semi permanent eyebrow tattoo is created by implanting pigment under the skin. Sandra Opul creates semi permanent eyebrow makeup using super fine individual hair strokes to replicate flawless and naturally looking eyebrows. She achieves it by using a specially designed handheld tool with disposable micro blades.

And if you’d prefer more of a lightly pencilled in effect, Sandra Opul can achieve this with either ombre or powdered effect eyebrows. Fear not, you can choose permanent makeup type. Sandra will carefully consider colour, shape and style to achieve the look you want, whilst complementing your natural skin tone and features.

How semi permanent eyebrow tattoo can help
The semi permanent eyebrow procedure is practically painless and as well as adding a lift to the brow to create a more youthful look. Permanent makeup can enhance and restore eyebrows lost through chemotherapy treatment. Plus, semi permanent eyebrow makeup can last between one to three years with only an annual touch up required to maintain their shape and depth of colour.

Sandra Opul is elite permanent makeup artist and she always shares her professional opinion with her clients. When you come to see Sandra, she will give you her professional advice and it will be up to you to decide if this is something for you. Sandra is based in Uxbridge, London, and her salon is 3 minutes walk from the Uxbridge tube station. Get in touch today if you’re looking to restore your chemotherapy eyebrows.