Permanent Makeup Treatments


About Permanent Makeup Treatments

Permanent makeup treatments are very popular these days and it will continue growing. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up with beautifully symmetrical eyebrows and the perfect pout without the chore of applying make up on a daily basis? Well, achieving perfection is now possible with Sandra Opul’s wide range of semi permanent make up treatments also known as cosmetic tattooing.

Sandra can improve, enhance and correct your natural features with skilfully applied semi permanent makeup that looks flawless and completely natural. She achieves it by combining great attention to detail with precision. Drawing on her great ability to mix and blend colour pigments, she’ll ensure the end result not only complements your skin tone, but also enhances your natural features.

What permanent makeup treatments are available?

If you’re looking for flawless eyebrows, then eyebrow tattoo, also known as semi permanent eyebrows, are the ideal solution for you. Using microblading to create individual super fine hair strokes, Sandra is known for creating beautifully uniform eyebrows with a realistic look that complement your face shape.

And if you’re looking for a more subtle effect, then Sandra can create powdered or ombre eyebrows which give a lightly pencilled in effect.

Permanent makeup treatments also perfect if you suffer from Alopecia or Trichotillomania or have undergone chemotherapy and would like to add definition to your eyebrows.

To accentuate and define your eyes, opt for our semi permanent eyeliner treatment for eyes that always look the business. And for a fuller, symmetrical mouth with a touch of colour, choose our semi permanent make up lips treatment.

If hair loss, thinning hair or a receding hairline is a concern, then our scalp micro pigmentation treatment provides a welcome hair loss solution for men.

Permanent makeup treatments can enhance what nature gave you and correct a multitude of problems, whilst boosting your confidence. And as such semi permanent make up only needs an annual touch up, it’s the perfect solution for your busy lifestyle.