Disposable Microblading Kit



For Microblading and Permanent Makeup

1. Large Operation Tray – 6 compartments designed to hold a number of
permanent makeup tools and substances. Everything is within arms reach to ensure
optimal ergonomics while you work.
* Holders for handles, needles, machines
* A slot to hold finger rings upright and 6 slots to hold brushes upright
* Wet and dry tray compartments to keep things organized
* Six pigment cups plus a section for topical anesthetic.

2. Water-Proof Bedsheet – protect and line your bed with this hygienic and
lightweight cover.

3. Water-Proof Client Bib and disposable Apron – keep your clients clean during
a procedure. It is also perfect for taking consistent client before and after photos for
your portfolio.

4. Water-Proof Table Cover – Set up the entire Sterile Kit on this
water-repellent sheet. When you finish your procedure, wrap everything into the table
paper and dispose of it for an easy and fast clean up.

5. Enviromental ProtectionWaste Bag – resealable and comes with an adhesive
that sticks to the side of your tray so you may dispose of any waste while you work.

6. 3pcs pigment rings-2 normal rings without lid and 1 sponge ring

7. 10pcs Sterilized Cotton pads-used to wipe and check the procedure area as you

8. 3 Pairs Nitrile Gloves ( Medium) – Medical Standard Nitrile Glove,which
provides a stronger barrier of protection and offers greater chemical resistance.

9. Hair net.

10. 5pcs Microbrushes.

11. Spoolie Brush.

12. 4pcs Pointed Brushes – dip these makeup brushes into your pigment to
re-design or trace out extremely fine hair-like strokes, lip liner or eyeliner.

13. 2 Angle Brush- for lip and eyebrow.

14. Alcohol Pads (4) and Clean adhesive Cotton Pads (2) – to disinfect or clean the
client’s procedure area. 2pcs Adhesive Cotton Pads can be stick to the gloves for
blades cleaning.

15. Medical Disposable Mask.

16. Eyebrow Ruler -easily measure and check the design of eyebrows.


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