Disposable Double Sided Manual Shading Tool #8 DOUBLE & #3 ROUND


Add definition and dimension to your art with this microblading shading tool.

Each tool consists of two needles and this is perfect as you can create real Ombre effect using those needles. One side is for basic shading (usually the needle is bigger) and another side is for more precise eyebrow parts as tail, eyebrows bottom (the needle is smaller). 

#8 DOUBLE & #3 ROUND – Compact Ombre effect/Precision

When to add Shading?

1.  When there is little to no real hair.

2.  When brows are patchy with a lot of missing areas such as the front, tails, or general thinness.

3. When your client wants a bolder brow.


*Single use

*LOT number

*Expiration date

*ISO certified

*Ready to use

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